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May 9, 2017

Tired of gazing at the same old arrangement, the monotone walls, the colorless faces of your colleagues? It’s been a few years, and your company has expanded, to the point where you can’t seem to look beyond the clutter and concentrate solely on the work at hand. Well, maybe it’s time for you to consider a revamp of your office; the design, the desks, the walls –and we assure you, a redesign would boost your company’s humble abode in more ways than one.


There’s no better reason for a complete redesign of your office than growth in business, which has already occurred over the past few years, or is predicted to occur sooner rather than later. A company’s growth usually involves the hiring of multiple new employees, a large increase in clients and the resulting workload, as well as the beginnings of new departments within the company. As we enter the age of digitization, new areas of interest within companies are pushed to adapt and transform, an example of this being the need for digital marketing or IT departments within most companies.

If this sounds like your company, ordering a redesign of the office in order to accommodate the new hires and workload would be ideal; with an entire new seating arrangement in place under the redesign, it wouldn’t look like your employees are crammed in a space much too small for them.


The phrase ‘first impression is the last impression’ rings true on the topic of your office. Whether you are intending to sell your product to a client during a meeting, or persuading potential employees of your company’s strength, the impression they form of your office can either swing the odds in your favor or not. While, of course, your product would be the main selling point, seeing an unmaintained and outdated office can easily put clients off, in comparison to a freshly painted and state-of-the-art office.

Hence, a newly redesigned office just might be the tool you are looking for to land that big client you’ve been working towards the past few months. Become a force to be reckoned with by a mere redesign, and you’ll soon see the products of your labor.


In recent times, workplace culture has become an integral part of employees’ overall satisfaction. Eagerness or hesitance to dedicate the next few months or years of their lives at your company can tend to heavily rely on the office’s outlook and aesthetics. Spending a large part of their week at your office requires optimum conditions and a high degree of comfort to be available to them. Additionally, an office which is a treat to the eyes and a generally great place to work at would stimulate creativity within your employees as well.

Keeping your employees satisfied and comfortable, then, is your responsibility, and the path to it is a workplace employee are keen to walk into, and not walk out of. Treat your employees –and yourself! –with a redesign, and you’re sure to earn their appreciation.


Have you been hearing about fellow or rival companies with offices constituting of break rooms with activities and games such as a foosball table, comfortable seating, etc.? Well, it may be time for you to jump on that particular bandwagon as well.  Studies have previously shown that the key to being productive in a workplace is taking several breaks throughout the day, and providing your employees with the tool to do just that could maximize their level of productivity and motivation, while at the same time bragging to their friends about what a great place your office is to work at! The modern workplace has changed, and a redesign of yours would put you on the map as well.

Moreover, many companies when starting anew do not have an approximate plan of a seating arrangement in their new office. This too might be the case with your office, and, having aged a few years, it may be proving difficult for various departments in your office to communicate with one another and carry out workflow in an ideal manner. This can easily be problematic and the root to minor and major hiccups in your workflow. In order to avoid this, a redesign which emphasizes on the efficiency of workflow and your employees would be more than a blessing in disguise.


Take on a project with the bigger picture in mind while deciding to redesign your office: go green! More and more offices are going green in order to keep up with the environment and create a positive impact in the workplace. Sustainability can be achieved while redesigning your office by introducing and placing recycling bins, changing the lighting and insulation of the building, among several other initiatives.

Being certified for your sustainability cause would too increase your green credentials, create a healthier and more well-informed workplace, as well as leave a lighter footprint on the environment. A tidy office is a tidy mind; remove the clutter from yours and make a statement with a newly designed office.