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Jan 20, 2017

Are you wondering about how to create the most appealing office interior design to adorn your tech startup? It is true that competition in the marketplace is high with innumerable tech businesses being added to the block every year. Given this, a competitive office layout is one of the major factors differentiating the ‘cream techs’. Here are some time-tested guidelines to help you enliven your office atmosphere with the most appropriate office layout.

Let your style speak out

Owing a tech business does not imply that you should be as far away from style as possible. In order to see a superb interior, the first thing you need to do is focus on the mission of your company along with your business goals, and how you would be reflecting them through the design. CRM, sales and marketing service provider HubSpot offers end-to-end solutions to businesses, to increase their bottom line. Ideas are the lifeline of the company, and the entire design of the office interior space echoes the power of ideas. In case of the Uber office, technological knowhow is subtly amalgamated with an inclination towards obtaining spaciousness and comfort. The major aim of the organization is to enable everyone to work, move and live conveniently, and this goal gets highlighted in all aspects of the study design.

Gift yourself a relaxed ambience

A number of employees love to work from their homes, and look for this cozy, homely ambience everywhere. Keeping in mind how much time people spend working for tech startups, it is your responsibility to make the office atmosphere comfortable. Select the appropriate pieces of furniture to make work a relaxed experience. You may include an ergonomic office chair, a plush sofa or such other items in your office. Given that smartphone usage has become prevalent in  Singapore with 86% established users, it is also important to design an office that facilitates work everywhere. In short, your employees should have flexible work options, which make them increasingly creative and productive.

Fuel your artistic bend of mind

Whether you are renovating the office space or building a fresh interior from scratch, the design you choose considerably contributes to evoking the right mood in your workspace. Most design professionals focus on color psychology with the knowledge that varied colors can trigger communication, happiness and energy. For example, for interior decoration of the lounge, cool blue or green color is the best since these colors enhance relaxation. On the other hand, bright colors such as red or yellow are extremely good matches for meeting rooms, where continual generation and sharing of ideas take place. Apart from playing with colors, you may also thing of making the getup more charming by roping in some custom art together with inspirational quotes. This undoubtedly enhances the elegance of the area.

Pave the path for collaboration and communication

Each and every tech startup is driven by communication, collaboration and idea sharing. Hence, as you work on the blueprint for your office design, it is imperative to think of building areas that allow large and small groups to come together and interact with one another. For this to happen, you should craft out a smart spacious layout. A great office design not only sparks productivity amongst employees but also delights clients. Consider developing spaces for everything, from official gathering and meetings to relaxation and quiet work.