Brand Spirit

Finding Perspectives

Appreciating Chaos in Perfection

“You never really understand a person until you consider things from his point of view…until you climb inside of his skin and walk around in it” – Atticus Finch.

As multi-dimensional designers, we view things and situations from different angles and viewpoints. We are intrigued by the obvious and the subtle. We dive in to appreciate the beauty in chaos and in chaos in perfection to bring fresh perspectives into unseen possibilities.

Finding Perspectives

Design Thinking

Human-centred Solutions

Design-led thinking requires inquisitiveness… when you get curious about people and the work they do, their behaviors & their pain points ignites fresh thinking about how to design a better workplace for them. Our inquisitiveness extends beyond the individual and includes the organizational context, in effect its operating system. To move beyond the obvious and therefor, the ordinary we seek to understand through open dialogue & observation the nuances of how your people work and what they care about. We also need to understand how the business itself is designed; how it operates, its culture & engagement levels, its values, mission, objectives & challenges its facing both now and, if known, the future.

These collective insights allow us to really start thinking about problems, pushing past obvious solutions to generate breakthrough ideas.

Design Thinking

Element of Surprise

The Twist In The Plot

Like any inspiring story, we take pleasure in adding an element of surprise to our projects to intrigue you. Each path within the office takes you on a journey of discovery, and we love to see the smiles of delight on your face when you find something unexpected. Just like our tagline, we go beyond the obvious to make every workplace project unique and exciting!
Element of Surprise

Tenacity, Determination

Mr Work is Always Problematic Until he Meets Resolve

Because we are game on for trying out new ideas and breaking barriers, we often encounter unforeseen obstacles along the way. In the face of adversity, we don’t throw in the towel. We are committed to finishing what we started. With grit in our teeth. With Tenacity!
Tenacity, Determination

Catalyst, Creative, Explosion of Ideas

Revealing New Insights & Possibilities

We are the Workplace Innovators. We enlarge boundaries to test waters. We are willing to venture the road less travelled and spar with one another to find that “Ultimate Answer” for you.  As catalysts, we help each other gain clarity, confidence and conviction in what we do.
Catalyst, Creative, Explosion of Ideas

Teamwork, Coordination, Precision

No Man is an Island

On its own, one can be easily overpowered by another.  Two can withstand him. But a three-fold chord cannot be easily broken. When the racers roll out of the garage into the circuit, the spectators are thrown into a frenzied excitement filled with the adrenalin rush.  Sparks fly, engines roar, the smell of gasoline and burned tires as gears change together with the screams of the crowd bring sensory experience to a pinnacle. The preparation for the creation of such experiences began long before the show. We select our teams with care and precision.  We identify each person’s  strength and expertise and pair them carefully so that they form the best-matched teams to deliver the ultimate solutions you can look forward to.
Teamwork, Coordination, Precision

Family & Community

A Place You Can Laugh, Cry, Shout and Still Feel Loved

We are not a team because we work together. We are a team because we respect, trust and care for each other A place where workers collaborate, feel encouraged and empowered. We foster a work hard play hard culture and together, we build a lively community where differences are recognized, and individuality is celebrated. We want everyone to be able to fulfill their full potential both inside and outside of the workplace by acquiring new skills, volunteering in their community, meeting like-minded people, and doing new activities. We are Partners, Friends and a fun-loving Family.
Family & Community


When you take too much, you leave nothing for yourself

“Take only what you need and leave the land as you found it” – The native American Indians mantra Workplace designs have changed significantly over the years. Sustainability along with Corporate Social Responsibility are important elements in generating greater business value.  At Sennex, we make conscious effort to incorporate sustainability into our design rather than as an afterthought. We advocate reducing waste and decreasing our carbon footprints. We introduce biophilic designs to increase connectivity to the natural environment, maximize natural lightning, create open workspace with mobile reconfigurable workstations. Sustainability-driven businesses create happier workers and foster better brand value for our clients.


“We believe in open and honest dialogues. Good ideas do not differentiate between seniority and ages and can come from all levels of the organization. Change is a constant. Whatever we do today can be better tomorrow.”

Nick and Adeline’s partnership began in 1998, where Nick’s eye for business and real estate valuation and development created the perfect harmony with Adeline’s passion for design and creativity. The two decided to bring their years of expertise together and established Sennex in 2001.

Adeline is a trained architect in the US, graduating with a bachelor of Science degree in Environmental Design from the University of Missouri-Columbia while Nick is a Chartered Surveyor holding both a BSC (Hons) in Urban Estate Management and an MBA from Henley Business School with a major elective in Project Management.

Life @ Sennex

The people are the best part about working for Sennex! You’ll collaborate with some of the most skilled designers and thought leaders in the industry. Whatever stage of your career you are in, you can expect to have opportunities to expand your knowledge and put your skills to good use.


We all know that the best ideas come from the most unexpected of places. As a result, we strive to create an environment that encourages innovation, creativity, enthusiasm and fun. We’ll provide you the freedom to make an impact with your career while also pursuing your other passions. We have one other’s backs when things become tough, and we celebrate together when we have a big win.


Our people are our greatest assets. This is why we want to attract, retain and develop the best talent to go beyond the obvious.

Every member of our team is covered by insurance with hospitalization benefits.

A wellness package is aimed at shifting the workplace culture and encouraging healthier behaviors.

Yearly vacations as a team to places such as Tokyo, Seoul, Bali, Kho Samui etc.

Sennex enjoys flexible work schedule and work-from-home opportunities.

We organized yearly volunteering work where we give back to our community.

We are dedicated to creating a safe, open and inclusive environment for our diverse family.



Be a part of a company that values its employees and offers a career path that focuses on both individual and organizational development. Take a peek at our open positions to see which one is right for you.

We thank all applicants for your interest, but only candidates chosen for an interview will be contacted.

Check Out Our Available Positions

Senior Workplace Designers


  • Singaporean & PR only
  • Creative with sound knowledge latest workplace planning trends & issues
  • Highly Skilled in Autocad / Sketchup / Revit / Photoshop
  • 3 – 5 years work experience
  • Portfolio Required


We are dedicated to providing students with opportunities to learn, grow and collaborate while working on creative challenges.

If you wish to be considered for the mentioned post, please send your CV and cover letter in.

We thank all applicants for your interest, but only candidates chosen for an interview will be contacted.

Business Development Manager

A Business Development Manager with sales experience in commercial office interior design or equivalent. Strong business acumen and analytical skills with the ability to formulate sales and business development strategies. Strong sense of ownership and are able to manage multiple deals in a pipeline end to end.

Job Description

  • Acquisition of new clients
  • Excellent interpersonal, communication and presentational skills;
  • Proven track record of working with multiple stakeholders
  • Good time management and people skills and takes initiative
  • Lead conversion from numerous marketing channels
  • Creating a short- and long-term sales plan with the intention of achieving the given objectives
  • Consistently meet revenue goals in accordance with team/organizational goals
  • Overseeing pre- to post-sales support activities for the designated goods and regions while guaranteeing the greatest level of client satisfaction


  • Diploma/ Degree
  • Min 3-5 years of experience in relevant trade preferred
  • Only for Singaporeans to apply

Assistant Project Manager / Project Manager

As a Project Manager, your responsibilities will include leading and managing projects to successful completion, coordinating resources, and ensuring that projects meet deadlines. This role requires excellent communication, leadership, and problem-solving skills, and a strong understanding of project management methodologies and relevant software tools.

Job Description

  • Leading project planning sessions
  • Coordinating staff and internal resources
  • Managing project progress and adapting to the work as required
  • Ensuring projects meet deadlines
  • Managing relationships with clients, stakeholders, and vendors
  • Overseeing all incoming and outgoing project documentation
  • Participating in the tender process i.e. design, submission and review
  •  Designing risk mitigation plans
  • Conducting project reviews and creating detailed reports