State of the art food R&D Centre with customer engagement at its heart

Founded in 1902, Archer Daniels Midland commonly known as ADM is an American multinational food processing and commodities trading corporation whose mission is to unlock the power of nature to provide access to nutrition worldwide. ADM is famous for its industry-advancing innovations and not surprisingly has made a significant commitment to research and development. As part of this commitment, a new customer-focused Regional Technical Innovation Centre was established in Singapore in 2018. Following a rigorous qualification process, SNX was selected as ADM’s design & build partner for this prestigious and technically complex laboratory 9,000 sqft project. In 2020 SNX was also awarded the 3,000 sqft Phase-2 expansion.

Project Type

Design & Build


Food Processing Commodities


Biopolis, Singapore


11,700 sqft



Project Overview

  ADM vision was to create a state-of-the-art research & development facility that would also engage their client’s. By crafting a layout solution that allowed visitors to safely engage with each laboratory unit, SNX was able to successfully meet this challenge. SNX’s approach was to design each laboratory space from the inside out having regard to the functional processes, laboratory equipment, laboratory environmental criteria, occupant safety and customer experience.  


From an MEP standpoint, this was a technically complex project due to the diversity of requirements in terms of temperature set points, air changes and laboratory apparatus across the various laboratories. SNX’s REVIT platform facilitated 3D modelling of the above ceiling services to optimise their placement and routing to avoid service clashes during construction. An added layer of complexity was Fire Code compliance – this project involved both the storage and use of commercial gases and chemicals. The introduction of a new Singapore Standard for the design of laboratories using chemicals was another challenge for the 2020 Phase-2 works in terms of its compartmentalisation and connection with the Initial Phase. However, from a design standpoint, the two phases link seamlessly.  

SNX’s internal knowledge platform in these specialist areas combined with our design capability delivered a successful outcome and, a world-class facility with the Singapore Technical Innovation Centre becoming the template for ADM’s new generation of technology innovation centres.

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