Hubspot Asia

Creating a high-performance work community that celebrates diversity, inclusion & belonging

As a Company that specializes in helping Companies build remarkable customer experiences using CRM, HubSpot’s workspace is about creating an experience that connects people, a destination that celebrates diversity, inclusion, and belonging so that people can be authentic and do their best work. Openness, transparency and collaboration are fundamental design drivers here and are interwoven with experiential graphic design & digital messaging to enhance the sense of belonging that, employees feel to both the Company, their colleagues and their home market.

Project Type

Design + Build


Software Company


Mapletree Anson, Singapore


9,073 sqft



Project Overview

  • Designing for Diversity, Inclusion & Belonging
  • Creating a Destination Office
  • Using Digital Communications to enhance employee engagement
  • Delivering Immersive Experiences for clients and staff with the use of thematic design


The workplace’s physical design plays an integral part in providing a supportive ecosystem for HubSpot’s D, I & B initiatives. As a regional HQ, the Singapore office staff need to feel connected and appreciative of the cultural nuances of the other Asian markets they service as well as the overarching, corporate perspective and of course, their emotional connection to their home market & office. In terms of workplace branding, our design sort to address all 3-levels.


Digital messaging along key circulation paths and key hub spaces is used to build this sense of connection. New hire welcoming messages introducing the latest ‘hires’ to the wider HubSpot global work community flash-up on the strategically placed panels interspersed with local ‘recognition’ content such as “Birthday Greetings” and, information on the latest corporate HR & wellbeing initiatives and, company feedback survey results. The communication is always authentic and consistent with Hubspot’s core values and inclusive culture.
At the highest level, Hubspot’s corporate branding with its distinctive orange livery is evident throughout the office. The breakout, which is the office’s ‘community space”, is designed with a Singapore theme in mind to showcase the country’s multi-cultural history & spirit of diversity. This is bought to life by the local branding elements & props you will see and experience which include ‘Tiong Bahru’ birdcages, Peranakan accents and, local HDB icons such as the mosaic-style tables. As a Regional HQ, they wanted staff to have a sense of appreciation of the other Asian cultures they interact with. The use of regionally-inspired themes and props from key markets to dress meeting rooms gives the allusion to travelling and of experiencing other Asian destinations.


The Hong Kong space is inspired by the red sails of traditional junk – we wanted to snap the feeling of being in junk and of experiencing HK’s history & culture. Visible elements include the graphic image of a boy fishing superimposed on the privacy panel. Blueprinted tiles on acoustic panels mimic the waves of the South China sea.


The Indian space takes inspiration from the pink city of Jaipur and its colours and textiles. Colourful rugs, bright and bold coloured furniture have been used. Traditional Indian patterns were replicated in the privacy partitions using laser-cut acoustic blocks. We also hung patterned plates on the wall and chose modern black pendant lighting to contrast the modern and traditional characteristics of the Country.

The Indonesian space draws its inspiration from the ‘Sawa Padi’ and the contour farmed landscape. Props include the use of rattan chairs to further build the association and feeling.

Thailand is regarded as the Land of Smiles, we wanted visitors to feel cheerful and smile as soon as they walked into the Thai meeting place. As a result, visitors are welcomed with a full-fledged image of the ubiquitous Tuk-tuk. Instead of fabric blinds, we selected wooden blinds to capture the accent of the Country. The feature wall was inspired by Thailand’s traditional cushion and is padded and fluted with different coloured fabrics.

Through this design-curated journey you will experience a rich tapestry of images, colors, textures & feelings all of which contribute to the message that diversity, inclusion and belonging are fundamental to the well-being of the Company and its people.

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