Willis Towers Watson

Space utilisation and resource booking technologies help drive workplace efficiency and employee experience & productivity

One of the most important decisions to make while transitioning to an agile work format is desk-sharing ratios. A data-driven approach to this using sensor data allows an unbiased decision to be taken. Often utilisation trends derived from occupancy sensors show a very different picture in comparison to ‘reported usage’ which often overstates resource utilisation. When it comes to workplace planning, WTW’s access to data sets from within its portfolio has helped it to be more objective, resulting in increased efficiency and effectiveness.

Project Type

Design Consultancy


Risk & Insurance Advisory


One Raffles Quay, Singapore


30,000 sqft



Project Overview

  • Shift to Activity Based Working
  • Integration of technology into the workplace to enhance employee experience & produce data on actual space utilization
  • Creation of self-sufficient neighbourhoods 


WTW’s new workplace features full desk-level sensor coverage, allowing users to see usage trends and monitor the real-time impact of changes like headcount growth. This allows problems to be anticipated and addressed before they become an issue. With a better understanding of how different locations perform, the user experience improves as well. Users can quickly and easily locate vacant spaces and workstations using intuitive live occupancy displays shown on panels in the workplace or accessed through app interfaces. Users can book facilities in advance using a resource booking technology layer on their phone or other connected devices, thereby improving their ‘experience’, which is a crucial aspect while transitioning to an agile workstyle.  
Wayfinding is easy at WTW, thanks to both technology and the creation of Neighbourhoods within the office. Each neighbourhood has its amenities including collaboration spaces, meeting spaces, focus work areas, phone booths, lockers & support facilities. A central Kopitiam Styled café & gathering space acts as the connection point for the neighbourhoods. This space which has many locally identifiable elements & props has been designed with ‘flexibility’ in mind, so tables have castors to allow for quick & easy reconfiguration.

The SuperTree at Gardens on the Bay was the inspiration for the striking feature wall design at the reception area. Sketches of Singapore landmarks and of local streets drawn by a local artist specifically to suit features throughout the office design.

The new office supports ABW settings, shifting from the traditional workplace setup to embrace a fresh perspective to collaboration.

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