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Aug 3, 2018

The annual company trip is always a hot topic and greatly anticipated by Sennex staff.  It is also a great opportunity for the Sennex team to bond and build stronger rapport

This year, Sennex set it’s eyes on Osaka, Japan, as the 2018 destination – #SNXTRIP2018 #5DAYS4NIGHTS.

Japan is well-known for its high-quality exquisite cuisine, aesthetically beautiful packaging, wide shopping variety, cleanliness, refined society and compact-size hotel rooms. Osaka is said to be the third biggest city in Japan. Having been to Tokyo twice and experienced its bustling city life, I have always thought that these 2 cities shared the same city-life, appetizing food and endless shopping. That was my first impression of Osaka.

In August 2018, the Sennex team set off to Osaka, Japan for a relaxing 5D4N break, of which one day was set aside for Sennex Team Bonding Adventure.


On the day of the Sennex Team Bonding Adventure, we started our morning with an awesome breakfast spread provided by our Hotel; We then took a morning tour to Osaka Castle.  Lunch was a delightful Hawaiian-style theme at ‘Eggs n things’.

Corporate team-building activities organized by Osaka’s renowned Kimono Tea Ceremony ‘Maikoya’ took place in the afternoon, and the day rounded off with a splendid dinner at ‘Yakiniku M’ with Japanese Matsusaka beef as one of its highlights.






The tour to Osaka Castle and cultural walk-throughs with the Maikoya allows me and the rest of Sennex team to experience another side of Osaka. Other than being the third-ranked modern city in Japan, Osaka has a long enchanting history hidden within its cityscape, especially so when it survived the samurai & ninja era in the 16th century and progressed to industrial experimental period in the 19th century. It expanded its trading industry in spite of the war devastation and experienced post-war recovery of World War ll.



Looking back with a grateful and full heart, this trip is indeed filled with lots of laughter triggered from Sennex’s very own newly-created memories. We saw a stronger team bond even as the annual Sennex company trip came to a sweet end. #SNXTRIP2018

It had been an inspiring journey in Osaka. I bagged home not just satisfaction from the exciting shopping finds but the cultural knowledge and discovery of a city I grew to love.

This endearing yearly affair certainly helps to foster better project coordination among colleagues and generate design inspiration which are the main factors to deliver and exceed Sennex clients’ expectations. These key attributes continue to differentiate Sennex from the rest of the other design firms in the industry. #SENNEXFAMILY